The media gas and petroleum as well as chemicals pose a serious hazard and are subject to special requirements by the legislature.

The knowledge and experience of our welding engineers at the guidance and supervision of our certified welders ensure compliance with all audit criteria for pipelines, especially in the high pressure range. The construction of gas pipelines with lower pressure ratings and diameters is equally subject to required quality standards, compliance with the relevant pipe materials used by analog-trained and certified welding supervisors and welders is guaranteed. To this end we have among the highest level of certification in accordance with DVGW Worksheet G1 + PE GW301.

In addition, prior to construction our quality is controlled by installation process checks and then monitored during construction. These control methods such as X-ray, ultrasound, Magnet flux, ISOTEST and other tests requested by the customer are used.

Application examples:
Gas cut-off with bag positioning deviceGasleitung   Pipeline Work
Pipeline Work   Relocation of existing Gas Pipelines

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