Company Profile

Trommler Rohrleitungsbau GmbH was founded more than 30 years ago and developed into a company with multiple locations and a total of 130 employees. Our extensive certifications show we are a highly competent service provider and supplier in line construction.

In the fields of gas, water and district heating, power and data cables for communication, our technical staff has decades of experience. This applies to large-scale transmission lines with stations, culverts and special structures and to the installation of smaller dimensions to improve the infrastructure of towns and cities.

Corporate data in brief
Employees: Nr.:
Enineers degree   7
Construction Manager   7
Pipe Master   8
Certified Welder 15
Machine operator 15
Employees 79

Modern machine equipment:
Maschine: Nr.:
Excavator 18
Lifter 18
Crawler crane 50tonnes   1
Bending machine   1
Mounting/Bench carriage 42
Cars 17
Trucks 69
Welding units 31
Beads   2
Low bed trailer 15
Compressors 20
Wheel loader   5

Due to a low staff fluctuation since decades our key staff has been permanently trained and re-trained. This provides continuous, high-quality and on time delivery in all our orders.
Here we offer our clients the advantage of simultaneous execution of civil engineering and pipe work from a single source, which is valued for the sake of simplified coordination and to ensure total special.
The complete and operational installation of pipes of all sizes, pressure ratings and materials for the transportation of almost all media and the laying of all types of cables for electricity, telephone and data transmission is performed by our company for over 30 years and technically constantly evolving.

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